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If you’re suffering from burnout and are looking for meaningful work or seeking to make progress in career aspirations the 1- to-1 career coaching program is designed to help you discover tools to see significant gains in your career. A plan is created to formalize your career planning goals and identify your objectives and then actions are taken around meeting those expectations. You will further develop interviewing skills, job hunting strategies, and identifying career objectives. The techniques also help you to unlock some blindspots you may have looking inward because personal and career fuse together. By changing behaviors, mindsets, and skills clients find they develop in various areas of their lives.  Career coaching also aligns with business coaching which enhances and develops leadership and development, team building, as well as, communication and effectiveness.  


Using a data driven and performance based approach to create a personalized program for clients to go to work on actions needed to work on the present to create a most desirable future. Andre will serve as an accountability partner and committed listener guiding clients to take desirable actions they otherwise wouldn’t see to get a grasp on their targets. The year is broken up into increments with short-term targets that will assist in clients growth to achieving long term goals. Clients receive an assessment and this is used to assist with behaviors that help to generate desired outcomes, behaviors that can be changed, behaviors that directly or indirectly impact others. Andre will work with clients to create personal and professional development goals. These goals can help with improving productivity, focus, overall work performance, time management, stress management, prioritization, self-confidence, self-compassion, self-esteem, collaborative and teamwork skills, communication skills, balance or harmony of work and personal life, financial wellness and balance with physical and emotional health, and overall self-improvement.


Couples coaching is built in a safe space and positive environment which offers tools that empower couples to communicate, think, and relate in healthier, and more constructive ways. These tools assist clients in having more effective problem solving strategies and allow them to be able to create goals and deal with issues on their own.


As a non-denominational wedding officiant, Andre-Lee Wills, Raising Vibrations Coaching is proud to offer a spiritual package to lead your wedding ceremony. Andre will work with the couple in the months before the wedding day to craft the ceremony, which may include personal vows, readings, music selections, and more. Andre may also provide premarital counseling. In addition to performing your service on the big day, couples will be offered guidance as you write and practice your wedding vows. Also, couples will be offered the flexibility to customize your ceremony with any rituals or readings you’d like to include.


Since the start of the quarantine it has become more and more apparent that individuals are looking for an opportunity to live their lives in a space of increased happiness and fulfilment. It is the mission of Raising Vibrations Coaching to help give clients tools which give individuals access to more fulfilling lives, careers, and relationships. The commitment is to create a curriculum specific to clients to improve performance in the areas that matter most to them.   


With a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in Community Counseling with an extension in Marriage and Family Therapy, Andre-Lee Wills, is the founder and CEO of Raising Vibrations Coaching, taking a multitude of tools and skills from his various background, Andre-Lee Wills, wanted to design a professional growth company that gives communities, organizations, and businesses access to success and happiness. Andre’s long research, study, and collaboration with innovators in the field of professional development to design personalized programs for individuals and couples seeking access to things they are missing in their life to elevate their lives to the next level of performance. In business since 2016, Andre has successfully led clients on a path for exceptional growth and development in which they are able to resolve even the most long standing issues. 


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